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Research Panorama March 2020

Photo: Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

We are excited to share our quarter one GAGE Research and Adolescence Research Panorama. The Research Panorama aims to provide quarterly updates on the most recent research in the field of gender and adolescence both from GAGE and external grey and published literature. In addition, it includes information on forthcoming events, conferences and calls for papers to contribute to journal special issues. The short summary aims to highlight important key findings and relevant policy implications within the research presented in the Panorama.

For this, and forthcoming editions of the Research Panorama, we are going to be putting a spotlight on one of GAGE’s focal countries. This edition features Bangladesh, and will include key publications published in the last quarter on Bangladesh, as well as emerging research on gender and adolescence more broadly. This quarter we would like to highlight three recently produced briefs on Rohinyga refugee and host adolescents living in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, which summarise some of the key challenges facing young people in terms of age- and gender-based violence, psychosocial well-being and education and learning.

We hope you will find these products useful and will continue to check in each quarter to keep up to date on the latest findings on gender and adolescence. Please send us any details of upcoming events, publications or calls for papers which you would like to be featured in subsequent editions of the Research Panorama to Megan Devonald.

Read the quarter one GAGE Research and Adolescence Research Panorama.