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As part of a series focused on gender and vulnerability issues, Promises Medical Limited invited researchers from BRAC Institute of Governance and Development (BIGD), with the objective of bringing informed research-based opinions to the larger TV audience and spread awareness. Gender and disability are everyday issues and the show hopes to disseminate the information collected through research to Bangladeshi households rather than confine findings to the academic arena alone.


This particular episode focuses on harassment online as experienced by adolescents. GAGE researchers, Pragyna Mahpara, Senior Research Associate, BIGD and Taslima Aktar, Research Associate, BIGD,  discussed the issue in the context of their research on New Forms of Adolescent Voice and Agency in Bangladesh through the Use of Mobile Phones and ICT. Click here to preview the recording.

Gender in the Economy Study Group: small grants

GAGE consortium
15th July 2020