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Palestinian adolescents Palestinian adolescents playing in a backyard. ODI/Rebecca Reid

Capability themes

GAGE is focused on six capability domains that adolescents need to develop in order to successfully transition into empowered adults. We recognise that adolescent girls often face significant challenges in reaching these capability outcomes in the developing countries of the Global South. Click on each of the headings to learn more. 

Education and learning

  • Cultivation of educational aspirations 
  • Access to quality education
  • Freedom from child labour, domestic and care work responsibilities
  • Transitions to (post-) secondary educational and learning pathways

Bodily autonomy, integrity and freedom from violence

  • Avoid early, forced and child marriage 
  • Be protected from SGBV, including Harmful and Traditional Practices 
  • Be protected from age-based violence (e.g. corporal punishment)

Sexual and reproductive health, health and nutrition

  • Stay healthy 
  • Maintain a nutritious diet  
  • Manage menstruation and pubertal development 
  • Ensure sexual and reproductive health 

Psychosocial well-being 

  • Cultivation of individual and collective interests, identities and a resilient sense of self  
  • Access to support networks  
  • Social connectedness with peers
  • Access to quality psychosocial and mental health services

Voice and agency

  • Mobility and access to safe spaces
  • Access to age-appropriate information 
  • Opportunities for voice and decision-making in family, school and community 
  • Opportunities for civic participation 
  • Access to role models who demonstrate alternative pathways to restrictive gender roles

Economic empowerment 

  • Cultivation of economic aspirations towards decent, rewarding and age-appropriate employment 
  • Improved numeracy and financial literacy
  • Access to market-responsive technical, vocational and business skills
  • Access to equitable resource endowments   
  • Access to savings and credit