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Bangladeshi schoolgirls Secondary school students, Bangladesh. Credit: ADB CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Change strategies

Helping girls grow up to be healthy, happy, well-educated women who can choose their own futures including whether, who and when to marry and have access to decent employment requires working with girls, as well as with their families, intimate partners, communities and governments.

    GAGE’s conceptual model envisions six key change strategies that weave together to create a ‘web’ of support for girls. These strategies work with:

    • Girls, to help them develop their skills, confidence and friendships;
    • Adolescent boys and young men to engage them as brothers, peers, partners, and future fathers;
    • Families, to help them learn how to treat their daughters equitably and how to set healthy boundaries;
    • Schools, to help them become gender-responsive, adolescent-friendly spaces that optimise learning;
    • Communities, to help them encourage girls’ growing capabilities—paying special attention to the local leaders who speed or slow change and the in-laws who shape married girls’ daily lives; and
    • Services and systems, to help them meet girls’ broader needs.

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