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GAGE video and photography workshop

GAGE aims to develop country specific videos and images that are representative of the communities it works within and of the work done by its researchers and partners. To this end, country research teams have been included in the development of these materials. Their knowledge of the context and privileged position in the field, in close contact to the communities where GAGE works, will add great value to the production of these visual products.

To develop their documentary film making skills, representatives of country research teams participated to a four-day workshop on photography and videography. The workshop took place in Nepal in May 2018 and was co-led by GAGE and Engage Media, a human rights and environmental non-profit working at the intersection of video, technology and social change.

Participants learned the fundamentals of photography and videography and started planning for two GAGE visual products:

  1. Visual community mappings: videos providing an overview of GAGE communities at the beginning of our longitudinal research study and over time, documenting research surroundings and contexts.
  2. A day in the life of a researcher: videos documenting the research process through the eyes of a researcher, capturing ‘behind the scenes’ moments and negotiations in different contexts.
    These videos will be produced in the following months and released by the end of the year.

Check out the video below to learn more about the capacity strengthening workshop, participants’ perspectives and GAGE communication products.