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Consultancy opportunity: Research Uptake Advisor

Renumeration: competitive

Location: London

A 12-month period to deliver the proposed assignments, with extension possible

We are looking for a highly experienced Research Uptake Advisor to join our programme. The GAGE Research Uptake Advisor will deliver GAGE’s Research Uptake strategy for an exciting multi-year longitudinal research programme.

The job will involve multi-stranded research uptake and public affairs outreach internationally, in the UK and with focal country teams. It will also involve engaging with multiple UK and international stakeholders, developing and quality assuring research uptake and policy products, external representation of GAGE, and multiple other reporting and communications functions involved with an assignment of this size and complexity.

The GAGE Research Uptake Advisor will join at an exciting time when baseline research has been completed and the programme is enjoying increasing visibility and influence in international and national policy agendas.

About you

As the Research Uptake Advisor, you will be involved in designing and delivering a multi-stranded research uptake and public affairs strategy in the UK, internationally and with country teams, engaging with multiple UK and international stakeholders, overseeing engagement with GAGE’s unique research findings through our website, social media, webinars and external events representing GAGE, as well as carrying out multiple reporting, monitoring and communications functions.

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Closing date

1 September 2019. Interviews are scheduled for 12 September 2019.

How to apply

Please send a CV and cover letter, providing details of how you would deliver the above requirements, your academic qualifications and previous experience of relevance to the above. Please include your professional daily rate and apply by emailing gage@odi.org.uk.