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Adolescents in Jordan: economic empowerment and social protection


Elizabeth Presler-Marshall
Nicola Jones
Sarah Baird
with Agnieszka Malachowska

Publication type:
Policy briefs and policy notes
Date: July 2019
Adolescents need tailored support to develop the aspirations and skills they need to become the ‘generation capable of creativity and innovation with high productivity’ envisioned by Jordan’s new National Youth Strategy. GAGE research findings suggest that adolescents in Jordan, especially Syrian refugees, remain vulnerable to exploitative child labour and rarely benefit from programming for economic empowerment.
Suggested citation

Presler-Marshall, E., Jones, N., Baird, S. and Malachoswka, A. (2019) Adolescents in Jordan: economic empowerment and social protection. Policy Note. London: Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence.

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