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GAGE research design, sample and methodology

Photo: An adolescent girl from Ethiopia. Credit: David Walker/Overseas Development Institute.


Nicola Jones
Sarah Baird
Letisha Lunin

Publication type:
Method tools and guides
Date: December 2018

This methods brief provides an overview of i) the study’s rationale, ii) the conceptual framework and core research questions that GAGE is addressing, iii) the mixed-methods research methodology that GAGE is employing to address these questions, and iv) the research sample that enables us to explore these questions in diverse contexts within and across low- and middle-income countries, including those that are conflict-affected.

Suggested citation

Jones, N., Baird, S. and Lunin, L. (2018) GAGE research design, sample and methodology. London: Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence.

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