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Policy and legal analysis notes: a review of the National Adolescent Health and Development Strategy in Nepal

An adolescent girl from Gaza. Photo: Rebecca Reid / Overseas Development Institute


Deepak Thapa
Sohela Nazneen

Publication type:
Policy briefs and policy notes
Date: December 2018

The return to multiparty democracy in Nepal in 1990 created the space for significant health sector reform, with a focus on adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH). Initially, this was driven by the need to control fertility rates and to address maternal and child mortality, given the links to child marriage. At a later stage, however, adolescent health was framed as a rights issue. The need to tackle social and cultural practices such as child marriage provided the impetus to policy-makers to consider adolescents’ SRH needs.

To understand the policy context for adolescent health, wellbeing and bodily integrity in Nepal, we reviewed the National Adolescent Health and Development Strategy  2000. We used a political economy analysis lens to explore the policy adoption process and implementation challenges.

Suggested citation

Thapa, D. and Nazneen, S. (2018) Policy and legal analysis notes: Nepal a review of the National Adolescent Health and Development strategy in Nepal. London: Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence.

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