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Responsive Research & Evaluation Fund (RREF)

Photo: Plan International

The GAGE Responsive Research and Evaluation Fund (RREF) is a flexible research fund of £2 million pounds that will be used to respond to emerging knowledge gaps and demands over the life of the programme.

The thematic calls and funds are allocated across the following five funding-streams:

1. New research studies drawing on GAGE panel data as well as additional underexplored datasets with adolescent-relevant data, with the aim of shedding light on gendered adolescence experiences in diverse contexts;

2. Thematic evidence synthesis work responding to emerging questions around what works, especially as, over time, an increasing volume of new evidence becomes available;

3. Evaluations of innovative programming approaches that complement initiatives at the heart of the GAGE longitudinal mixed-methods evaluation;

4. New or improved innovative research methods and methodologies to shed light on gendered adolescence experiences in diverse contexts;

5. Demand generation and strategic research uptake outputs, to improve the accessibility, relevance and usefulness of evidence, through collaboration and engagement with decision-makers and other key stakeholders (outputs will include tailored learning products and events)