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Beyond the why: investing in very young adolescents

4 Jun
20:00-22:00 (GMT -7:00)
Vancouver Convention Center West Building, Level 2 Room 208-209 Vancouver

There is growing recognition about why investing in very young adolescents aged 10-14 years is a good return on investment. There is also a growing evidence base about what to invest in to advance gender equity and promote very young adolescent health and well-being. The challenge is to take insights about the needs of very young adolescents and evidence about what works and apply them at scale and equitably in the real world.

Join us to hear from panelists who will speak about their experiences in addressing this scale challenge through local structures and platforms, and share their ideas about opportunities for future investment.


  • Catherine Nyambura, Consultant, Global Partnership for Education Secretariat
  • Nicola Jones, Co-Director, Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE)
  • Nur Jannah, Programme Coordinator, Explore for Action (E4A)
  • Manjima Bhattacharjya, Consultant, AJWS

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Co-hosted by: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.