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How do we collectively create a culture that empowers girls? | PODCAST Episode #1

PODCAST | Young people’s voice, agency and civic engagement

 Episode #1 | How do we collectively create a culture that empowers girls?

At the heart of ‘Young people in the Global South: Voice, agency and citizenship’ (forthcoming 2023) is the need to understand what enables adolescents and young people to exercise voice and agency on the issues that matter to them. This podcast series, in which adolescents and young people discuss their experiences of participation, civic engagement, activism, resistance and leadership in relation to disability, climate change, conflict, gender justice, and human rights reflects the book’s emphasis on young people’s own stories and voices.

In the first episode of this podcast, Isimbi Roberte (FATE Consulting Rwanda) speaks to Evelyn Odhiambo, a young Kenyan activist. The two discuss how Evelyn became involved in gender equality advocacy, the importance of calling out age- and gender-related power imbalances, and how to ensure girls’ voices and experiences are at the centre of programming and policy-making.