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An agenda for policy and action to support girls through puberty and menarche

Girls' toilet at Beseka ABE Center in in Fantale Woreda of Oromia State 11 April, 2014. Pastorlist in Afar and Oromia region of Ethiopia, Alternative Basic Education Center


Ernestina Coast
Elizabeth Presler-Marshall
Samantha Lattof

Publication type:
Evidence reviews and evidence digests
Date: July 2017

Puberty and menstruation are a fundamental part of adolescent girls’ lives, yet many girls in low- and middle-income countries know very little about the resulting physical and emotional changes. This lack of knowledge can reinforce feelings of fear, shame or embarrassment—especially when coupled with sociocultural norms that deem girls and women ‘impure’ or ‘dangerous’ during menstruation.

This digest explores what we do and don’t know about girls’ experiences and knowledge of puberty and menstruation. It sets out an agenda for action for those working with and for adolescent girls, to start to challenge the stigma surrounding puberty and menstruation by increasing access to information, providing girl-friendly water and sanitation facilities, tackling harmful social norms and investing in better monitoring, evaluation and research.

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