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Gender and
Global Evidence

GAGE is the largest global study on adolescents, following 20,000 girls and boys in developing countries to understand what works to enhance adolescent capabilities and empowerment.

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GAGE is soon hosting two dissemination events in Bangladesh: on Tuesday 14th of May in Cox’s Bazar, and on Wednesday 15th May in Dhaka.

During these workshops we will present mixed-methods midline findings focusing on Education, skills and learning; Gender-based violence; Sexual and reproductive health; and Psychosocial wellbeing for Rohingya and Bangladeshi young people living in Cox’s Bazar.


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Adolescent girls attending a wedding in Bangladesh © Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE 2024

April, 2024

Improving mental health of adolescent girls in low- and middle-income countries: Causal evidence from life skills programming

This study provides causal evidence on the impact of life skills programming on the mental health of adolescent girls aged 10–19 in three distinct low and middle-income countries.
An adolescent who had to dop out of school, Amhara, Ethiopia © Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE 2023

An adolescent who had to dop out of school, Amhara, Ethiopia © Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE 2023

March, 2024

Do layered adolescent-centric interventions improve girls’ capabilities? Evidence from a mixed-methods cluster randomised controlled trial in Ethiopia

This study analyses data from a cluster randomised controlled trial (RCT) to evaluate the short- and medium-term impacts of a set of layered adolescent-centric interventions designed to transform gender norms on the outcomes of approximately 2,300 girls.
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Here you can explore our latest insights and research as we shine a light on the needs of vulnerable adolescent refugees.

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How GAGE works

By combining quantitative and qualitative research exploring adolescents’ gendered experiences with longitudinal impact evaluations testing programme effectiveness, GAGE aims to explore what strategies are most effective in transforming adolescent girls’ and boys’ lives at specific junctures during the second decade of life.