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Gender and
Global Evidence

GAGE is the largest global study on adolescents, following 20,000 girls and boys in developing countries to understand what works to enhance adolescent capabilities and empowerment.

Two adolescent girls from a pastoralist community in Afar, Ethiopia. Photo: Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

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Adolescents in crisis: unheard voices is a five-part podcast series that shines a light on the millions of adolescents around the world who are forced to flee their homes. It draws on our research and a recent book ‘Adolescents in Humanitarian Crisis: Displacement, Gender and Social Inequalities’.

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A new European Journal of Development Research Special Issue explores adolescent experiences across diverse LMICs, including conflict-affected contexts, drawing on unique mixed-methods data from the GAGE longitudinal study.

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Explore our latest research on adolescent well-being. Based on the GAGE Conceptual Framework, our work is divided into six 'capability domains': education; health and nutrition; freedom from violence and bodily integrity; psychosocial well-being; voice and agency; and economic empowerment.
© Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

© Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

November, 2021

Young Leaders' Experiences and Recommendations to Strategically Tackle Child, Early, and Forced Marriage

Tackling the drivers and outcomes of child marriage requires the voices of young activists and researchers as we are able…
© Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE 2021

© Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE 2021

November, 2021

The Impact of COVID-19 in Ethiopia: Policy Brief

Building Resilience in Ethiopia (BRE) is a three-year (2019–2022) technical assistance programme co-funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development…
© Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

© Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

November, 2021

Disrupted education trajectories: Exploring the effects of Covid-19 on adolescent learning and priorities for “building back better” education systems in Ethiopia

The Covid-19 pandemic delivered an unprecedented shock to education systems globally, with school closures affecting 1.6 billion children. The need…
© Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

© Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

October, 2021

Adolescents in protracted displacement: exploring risks of age- and gender-based violence among Palestine refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and the State of Palestine

Palestine refugees, of whom there are nearly 6 million, primarily live in the countries surrounding the land that is…
Young adolescent girls in Chittagong, Bangladesh © Nathalie Bertrams / GAGE

Young adolescent girls in Chittagong, Bangladesh © Nathalie Bertrams / GAGE

October, 2021

The Gendered Impact of COVID-19 on Adolescents’ Education and School-to- Work Transitions in Bangladesh

The extended closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic is having a negative impact on adolescents. This impact…
Adolescent internally displaced girls in Ethiopia © Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE

Adolescent internally displaced girls in Ethiopia © Nathalie Bertrams/GAGE 2020

June, 2021

Adolescents in Humanitarian Crisis. Displacement, Gender and Social Inequalities

Adolescents in Humanitarian Crisis investigates the experiences of adolescents displaced by humanitarian crisis. The world is currently seeing unprecedented levels of…
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Explore our latest insights and research on how vulnerable adolescents are coping during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Explore our latest insights and research on adolescent refugees.

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How GAGE works

By combining quantitative and qualitative research exploring adolescents’ gendered experiences with longitudinal impact evaluations testing programme effectiveness, GAGE aims to explore what strategies are most effective in transforming adolescent girls’ and boys’ lives at specific junctures during the second decade of life.