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Adolescents in Jordan: freedom from age- and gender-based violence

Photo: Natalie Bertrams/GAGE 2019


Elizabeth Presler-Marshall
Nicola Jones
Sarah Baird
with Agnieszka Malachowska

Publication type:
Policy briefs and policy notes
Date: July 2019
The Jordanian government, together with international development partners, has committed to ensuring that young people grow up in an environment free from violence and embrace the values of tolerance and peace. Yet GAGE research suggests that adolescents in Jordan — irrespective of whether they are Jordanian or refugee or whether they live in host communities or formal or informal camps — continue to face multiple age – and gender – related risks, and that programming needs to do much more to mitigate these.
Suggested citation

Presler-Marshall, E., Jones, N., Baird, S. and Malachoswka, A. (2019) Adolescents in Jordan: freedom from age- and gender-based violence. London: Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence.

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